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Step into Aura Homeopathy Cyber Clinic of excellence which is known to provide Best homeopathic treatment with high variety of German Homeopathic medicine and it is backed by over fifteen years of expertise and trust. It is 1st international authorized Homeopathic clinic equipped with latest technology & BEST team of homeopathic Doctor in Delhi NCR India (including M.D Homeopathy & Gold-Medalist) committed to care and wellbeing, giving the support of excellent practices and safety protocols. At aura homeopathic clinic we tend to uses best natural solutions, free of side effects, our constant Endeavour to provide the best homeopathic Treatment and sensible service to our patients.

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Dr.Abhishek Kasana B.H.M.S, C.F.N-Delhi, M.D Homeopathy, D.I (Hom) London, United Kingdom.

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Impotency Homeopathic Cure: Best Homeopathic medicine for impotency

Homeopathy is an alternative system of medicine that works well and is used to treat any type of condition and disease that occurs in the body, using natural medicine.

Few Best Homeopathic medicine for impotence cure are:


Presents its center of action in the male sexual organs. 

Patient complains of sexual desire without proper erections, or unable to get a proper ejaculation, or the ejaculation is very fast.

When there is no erection even after strong stimulation.

Painful erections, erection is not strong enough, occur without sexual desire. 

Erection occur in a dormant state, but disappear upon waking.

Impotence due to depression.

Impotence after gonorrhea.

The penis looks bigger but is flaccid with thicker skin.

Patient complain of dry red rashes and scars on the scrotum.

Penis foreskin retracts.

Nocturnal ejaculations

Angus Castus:

Best homeopathic medicine for impotency, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Flattering in situations in which there are no erections

Total ED, or are incomplete erectile dysfunction.

Erection is presented but not strong enough for penetration.


If you are looking for a solution in erectile dysfunction and homeopathy, this natural remedy can be of great help.

It is used when erections do not appear or are incomplete. 

It is also used, not only in the beginning of impotence, but also when it is a chronic ED.

Nuphar Luteum: 

This is one of the most useful homeopathic medicine to treat male impotence.

It is used for when erections do not occur under any reason or stimulation.


It is another of the homeopathy impotence treatments, for when an erection can not be achieved under stimulation.

There is sexual desire but no erection takes place

It best homeopathic medicine, when the erection is not enough to achieve intercourse, and also for premature ejaculation.

Baryta Carbonica: 

It is used to treat low libido, impotence, ED or PE when drowsiness occurs in the sexual act, and even when you get erections only while sleeping.

Kalium Phosphoricum: 

You can use this natural medicine when there are sexual desires and there is priapism in the mornings. 

Impotency when the sexual desires disappear

Painful pollutions at night

Intercourse ends with a lot of fatigue.


This homeopathic remedy is used not only to treat impotence whether premature or chronic; complete or incomplete; but also for those cases of obsession with sex such as nifomanía. 

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